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Kicks off with...
The World’s Largest Online
Earth Day Celebration
ALL DAY on April 22, 2014, 8:00am – 8:00pm Pacific
followed by a FREE 9-Week Action Program
John Perkins
Chief Economist and New York Times Bestselling Author
Bill McKibben
Author, Environmentalist, Co-founder of
Andrew Harvey
Founder of Institute for Sacred Activism, Renowned Mystical Scholar, Poet, Author
Frances Moore Lappe
Author, Co-founder of Food First: The Institute for Food and Development Policy and Small Planet Institute
Barbara Marx Hubbard
Social Innovator, Speaker, Author, Educator & Leader in the New Worldview of Conscious Evolution
Vicki Robin
International Bestselling Author of Your Money or Your Life, Visionary
Chief Sonne Reyna
Global ambassador, Author, Speaker, Ceremonial Leader
Bill Twist
CEO and Co-Founder of The Pachamama Alliance
Duane Elgin
Author, Speaker, Trans-partisan Media Activist
Ocean Robbins
Founder of YES!
Sharif Abdullah
Founder and Executive Director of Commonway Institute
Trathen Heckman
Co-founding director of Daily Acts Organization, board president of Transition U.S.
Oscar Miro-Quesada Solevo
Peruvian Kamasqa Curandero and Psychotherapist
Stephen Dinan
CEO of The Shift Network, Author, and Member of the Prestigious Transformational Leadership Council
Rinaldo Brutoco
Founder and President of World Business Academy, Visionary, Writer, Change Agent
David Korten
Author of When Corporations Rule the World, Visionary and Engaged Citizen
Sharon Brown
Writer, Communications Specialist, and Nahua Weather Worker
Brock Evans
President of the Endangered Species Coalition
Wayne Pacelle
President and Chief Executive Officer of The Humane Society of the United States
Pablo Freund
Managing Director of The Buckminster Fuller Institute
Richard Graves
Executive Director of the International Living Future Institute
Danielle Nierenberg
President of Food Tank, Expert on Sustainable Agriculture and Food Issues
Andrew Kimbrell
Founder and Executive Director of Center for Food Safety
Ashley Schaeffer Yildiz
Rainforest Agribusiness Campaigner with Rainforest Action Network
Jason Rainey
Executive Director of International Rivers
Richard Heinberg
Senior Fellow of Post Carbon Institute, Author
Jon Symes
Program Development Director at the Pachamama Alliance, Activist, Educator

An exciting free event bringing together 75+ green pioneers, innovators, activists, scientists, indigenous wisdom-keepers, business leaders, musicians, visionaries and YOU – to joyfully co-create a SUSTAINABLE NEW WORLD.

PLUS, when you sign up for the Earth Day Celebration, you’ll be enrolled for free in the upcoming 9-Week Sustainability Action Program to amplify your positive impacttaking place April 28 – June 27, 2014. See details below.

For many of us who are part of the “green movement,” some days, the challenges we face feel unsurmountable.

In these times, it’s common to get overwhelmed by the crises facing our planet – from the destruction of forests, to the toxic chemicals in our products, to the bloodshed over natural resources. We need to find inspiration and partnership – and see that our contributions are making a difference.

This is where The Spring of Sustainability springs into action!

We’ll kick it off with the special Earth Day Celebration, where you will join together with others around the world and experience the beauty and interconnectedness of all life – and revel in all that is exciting and possible in this new era of sustainability.

You’ll be enlightened and engaged by the innovative solutions and practices offered by leading sustainability experts and visionaries. And you’ll be inspired by stories of transformation and forward momentum, as well as uplifted by soul-stirring music and poetry.

This is THE event where you can recharge your batteries, gain inspiration, and learn about the innovations that are changing the world.

With Hosts:
Vinit Allen, Earth Day Celebration
Steve Motenko,
9-Week Sustainability Action Program

In the Earth Day Celebration, you’ll discover:

  • How it is that the Earth is alive, and how that impacts who we are and our sense of purpose.
  • The advice that indigenous elders have for us at this critical time.
  • What humanity is evolving into as a planetary species.
  • The "game-changing initiatives" that we should be focusing on now.
  • How business can be part of the solution.
  • How permaculture principles form the blueprint for a healthy world.
  • What gives us cause for hope, given the daunting challenges of our time.
Ben Schick
Director of Programs at The Pachamama Alliance
Leda Huta
Executive director of Endangered Species Coalition
Scott Hoffman Black
Executive Director for The Xerces Society for Invertebrate, Conservation Chair of the IUCN Butterfly Specialist Group
Laurie Ann Macdonald
Florida Program Director for Defenders of Wildlife
Donald Barry
Senior Vice President for Conservation Programs, Defenders of Wildlife
Larry Merculieff
President of Global Center for Indigenous Leadership and Lifeways, Consultant of Seven Generatons Consulting
John Kostyack
Vice President of Wildlife Conservation for the National Wildlife Federation
Dr. Julie Fox Gorte
Senior V.P. for Sustainable Investing at Pax World Management, Board Member of Endangered Species Coalition
Fiona Ward
REconomy Project for the Transition Network
Bob Massie
President of the New Economy Coalition
Michael Brownlee
Co-founder of Local Food Shift and Transition Colorado
Mario Molina
Program Director, Climate Leadership Corps at Climate Reality Project
Todd Zimmer
Campaigner at Rainforest Action Network
Jay Markert ('Jay Ma')
Director of Living Mandala
John Robbins
Best Selling Author, Sought After Speaker, Advocate for a Healthy Life
Linda Currie
Outreach Organizer, Co-Founder of Transition Berkeley
Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap
National Director, Move to Amend Coalition
Mary Anne Hitt
Director of the National Coal Campaign for the Sierra Club
Awakening Universe
A Liberating New Cosmology for Our Time
Michelle Long
Executive Director of the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies
Randy Hayes
Ecological Advocate, Executive Director at Foundation Earth
Mickki Langston
Executive Director of Mile High Business Alliance
Greg Pahl
Author and co-founder of the Acorn Renewable Energy Co-op
Jim Murphy
Senior Counsel for National Wildlife Federation
Joe Robertson
Strategic Coordinator for Citizens Climate Lobby, Found and President of Geoversiv Envisioning
Diana Donlon
Director of the Cool Foods Campaign at the Center for Food Safety
Ben Collins
Research and Policy Campaigner of Rainforest Action Network
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With The Spring of Sustainability, you’ll learn how to embrace sustainability with more fun, ease and grace – so you’ll have more regenerative energy and passion to foster a more sustainable lifestyle. And you’llbe empowered as a change agent, with insights and inspiration to help reinvigorate the green movement and honor our interconnection with our beloved Mother Earth.

Whether you would like to create a more eco-friendly home or want to be part of bold initiatives to reforest the entire planet, you won’t want to miss the Earth Day Celebration on April 22 – where you’ll be joining a growing global community of people like you who are coming together with the intention of creating a thriving new world!

Earth Day Celebration Highlights:

  • “Inspirations From the Front Lines” – includes wisdom from indigenous wisdom-keepers, pioneers in food systems, cultural visionaries and an engaging panel on our human potential for the next stage of evolution
  • “Transforming Human Society” – features powerful insights on activism and spiritual practice, planetary wisdom to guide us through the coming challenges, and the role of individual and collective action for making a difference in sustainability
  • “Making the Story Real” – illuminating topics include climate change, cutting edge permaculture practices, sustainable communities, key strategies for collective change, the role of business in the green movement and artists as messengers

So, get ready to learn and celebrate in global oneness – you’ll recharge your batteries, so you’re energized to turn crises into creative solution and co-create our sustainable new world.

Receive our Catalyst e-zine, program and event notices
We respect your privacy. Your information will never be sold nor shared without your permission.

Free 9-Week Sustainability Action Program
April 28 – June 27, 2014

Renée Soule
Professor at California Institute of Integral Studies and San Francisco State University
Ruel Walker
Program Development Manager of The Pachamama Alliance
Sara Young
Marine Scientist, Oceana
Kieran Suckling
Executive Director of the Center for Biological Diversity
Dr. Jen Sass
Senior Scientist, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Professorial Lecturer, George Washington University
Julia Philphott
Senior Manager of Hitachi Consulting, Board of Directors Member of the Endangered Species Coalition
Kevin Killion
Operating Team Chair of the California Student Sustainability Coalition, California State University (Chico) Student
Tat Erick Gonzalez
Mayan Spiritual Teacher (KamalBey)
Kim Rosen
Author, Spoken Word Artist, Poet, Therapist
Gary Malkin
Award Winning Composer of Music for Health and Wellness
Marjorie Mulhall
Legislative council of Earthjustice
Melanie St. James
Executive Director & Global Programs Director (USA) of Empowerment Works
Jeanette Acosta ('Sat Siri Kaur')
Teacher of the Principle of Council, Certified Teacher Trainer of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation
Jon Young
Co-founder of Wilderness Awareness School
Chef Nora Pouillon
Chef at Restaurant Nora, author
Rob Hopkins
Co-founder of Transition Town Totnes and the Transition Network, permaculturist
Lee Crocket
Director of U.S. Oceans at The Pew Charitable Trusts
Dorian Toy
Program Assistant of the Next Sustainable Transportation Energy, University of California (Davis) Student
Joshua Gorman
Founder and Coordinator of Generation Waking Up
Julia Roberson
Director of the Ocean Conservancy’s ocean acidification program
Michael Stocker
Founding Director of Ocean Conservation Research
Ashara Ekundayo
Chief Creative Officer at Impact Hub Oakland
Laurel Sutherlin
Communications Manager of Rainforest Action Network
Ed Begley, Jr.
Board Member of The Coalition for Clean Air and The Thoreau Institute
Matthew Lewis
Senior Program Officer in African Species with Species Conservation Program at World Wildlife Fund
Josh Tickell
Author, Filmmaker
Elizabeth Kucinich
Documentary Producer, Policy Director at the Center for Food Safety

After you’ve planted the seeds of your intentions in the Earth Day Celebration, the rich sessions in the Sustainability Action Program will provide “the fertilizer” you’ll need to help our shared work bloom beautifully – and be pollinated out in our world.

This 9-Week series – which you’ll be enrolled in for free when you register for Spring of Sustainability – will provide you with a deep dive into the proven practices, skills and actions that will help take your family, cause, organization, community – and our planet – to the next level of sustainability.

Program Topics:

  • Changing the Dream (starts April 28)
  • Feeding the World (starts May 5)
  • Saving Our Vanishing Species (starts May 12)
  • Ensuring Clean Water (starts May 19)
  • Building an Economy That Works (starts May 26)
  • Slowing Climate Change (starts June 2)
  • Shifting Our Energy Reality (starts June 9)
  • Transforming Corporate Control (starts June 16)
  • Awakening the Dreamer (starts June 23)

The Sustainability Action Program features visionaries, leaders and experts in all areas of sustainability – from green lifestyles to sacred activism to the sciences. You will be guided into easy and meaningful actions, AND you’ll learn about the latest developments and research. And you’ll also be inspired by stories that highlight the beauty in our human potential.

A feature we’re very excited to share with you is that the sustainability visionaries who are lined up to teach these modules will suggest specific actions for you to take. You’ll track these actions in a customized action-tracking platform, and we’ll compile the results to display the impact that the entire Spring of Sustainability community is making together.

If you wonder if that is enough, remember these beautiful words from Clarissa Pinkola Estes:

Ours is not the task of fixing the entire world at once,
but of stretching out to mend the part of the
world that is within our reach.

It’s good to know about the extent of what needs to be “fixed” in our entire interconnected world. But it’s even more important to know how to stretch out and mend the parts of the world that are within our reach.

With the Sustainability Action Program sessions, you’ll discover:

  • Inspiration to transform fear and frustration into hope and inspiration
  • How the solutions to world problems are rooted in interconnectedness
  • Cutting edge skills for growing a green lifestyle or movement
  • Team- and community-building techniques to foster collaboration and forward progress
  • Creative and innovative solutions for the most challenging sustainability issues
  • Insights for shifting to a life-affirming sustainability culture
  • Communication and messaging tools for enlisting others in your cause
  • Self-sustainability practices to keep your energy and passion alive
  • How to engage networks to share resources and build momentum
  • The highest-leverage, doable actions recommended by the top experts
  • An uplifting global community of change agents within virtual breakout groups
  • And much more...

And, you will have the option to listen to all of the transformational sessions from the comfort of your home or office. Which means no travel, and less carbon emissions. Talk about putting sustainability first!

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Get This FREE Bonus Gift Just for Signing Up!

When you sign up for free for the Spring of Sustainability Earth Day Celebration and 9-Week program, you’ll receive this special bonus gifts:

A New Story for a New Economy
To Find Our Human Place in a Living Universe
New essay by David Korten

The underlying premise of this essay is simple and, for many of us, self-evident. We are living beings who survive and thrive only as responsible contributing members of a Living Earth Community. As our indigenous brothers and sisters have long recognized, Earth is our Sacred Mother. She births and nurtures us. We must love and care for her as she loves and cares for us. This truth has profound implications for how we organize the economies through which we obtain our means of living. This powerful essay is beautifully designed, complete with a discussion guide and David’s personal story behind the essay.

Receive our Catalyst e-zine, program and event notices
We respect your privacy. Your information will never be sold nor shared without your permission.


The Spring of Sustainability will engage you fully in what world-renowned ecologist (and former Spring of Sustainability presenter) Joanna Macy calls, “The Great Turning . . . the essential adventure of our time: the shift from the industrial growth society to a life-sustaining civilization.”

It’s the expression of a world movement. We’ll go so far as to say it is the expression of the ideas and guidance from Planet Earth. And this next wave will be led by top ecologists, activists, visionaries, scientists, business leaders, sociologists, psychologists, indigenous wisdom-keepers, sustainability experts... and YOU.


Whatever your level of involvement in the green movement, The Spring of Sustainability can help you go to the next level – to help you discover the innovative solutions we need on this beautiful, ever-evolving planet.

If you’re new to environmental issues, it will help put you on the path to a more sustainable lifestyle. And if you work for a nonprofit, you’ll learn far more inspiring and practical skills to unleash your powerful human potential in a way that provides sustainable and interconnected answers to our global issues.

With guidance from the top experts in the world, there’s no way you can’t come away from The Spring of Sustainability deeply inspired, transformed – and part of the solution.

Please join us in taking sustainability to the next echelon – and help co-create a thriving planet that leaves a legacy of good for generations to come.

Enter your name and email address in the free registration box, and you’re in!

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