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For the Love of Water: Local Actions that Matter
Recorded on May 23, 2014
With Brock Dolman: Director of Occidental Arts and Ecology Center's Water Institute and Permaculture Design Program & Laura Allen: Founding Member of Greywater Action & Brad Lancaster:
Hosted by Renée Soule

Earth is a blue water-planet and each of us needs to be water-wise. Water is one area where people resist commodification and corporate control. Instinctively, we each understand that water is life. What more can we do to express and sustain our innate love of water? Join us to share radical, accessible, and hands-on solutions to earth's water crises as an integral part of our daily lives. This interactive conversation will range from rainwater to bathwater, garden ditches to watersheds, and the viability of modern civilization to the health of your fruit trees. Consider your local water situation and bring questions to our three water experts--greywater activist Laura Allen, watershed permaculturalist Brock Dolman, and rainwater harvester Brad Lancaster. 

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Brock Dolman is a co-founder of the Sowing Circle, LLC Intentional Community & Occidental Arts and Ecology Center, where he co-directs the Permaculture Program, Wildlands Program and the WATER Institute in Sonoma County, California. He is a wildlife biologist, permaculture designer, water educator and watershed ecologist. Brock has been the keynote presenter at numerous conferences and has taught Permaculture internationally in Costa Rica, Ecuador, U.S. Virgin Islands, Spain, Brazil, China, Canada, Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cuba and Haiti & and widely in the U.S.A. He was one of the core co-facilitators for the International Permaculture Convergence 8 (IPC8) Design Course in Sao Paulo, Brazil and IPC11 in Pinar del Rio, Cuba, and has co-taught at least 70 Permaculture Design Certificate Courses since 1995. He has been featured in the award winning films: The 11th Hour by Leonardo DiCaprio; The Call of Life by Species Alliance; and Permaculture: A Quiet Revolution by Vanessa Shultz. In October 2012 he gave a City 2.0 TEDx talk. For over a decade he has served as an appointed commissioner on the Sonoma County Fish & Wildlife Commission. In 1992 he completed his BA, graduating with honors from the University of California Santa Cruz with the Biology Department and Environmental Studies Department.

Laura Allen is a founding member of Greywater Action and has been exploring low-tech, urban,sustainable water solutions for the past 15 years.Laura leads classes and hands-on workshops on rainwater harvesting, greywater reuse, and composting toilets through Greywater Action. Laura is the lead author of the San Francisco Graywater Design Guidelines for Outdoor Irrigation, and authored the book The Water-Wise Home: How to Conserve and Reuse Water in Your Home and Landscape (forthcoming on Storey Press). Her work has been featured in Ask This Old House, the New York Times, Nightline, Mother Jones, and more. The Greywater Installer’s Training she developed and teaches, has trained over 100 people from the US and Canada how to design and install greywater systems. Laura has presented widely on greywater reuse, including at the Water Smart Innovations Conference, Bioneers, California Environmental Health Association conference, the Water Conservation Showcase, and Green Festival. She also works on codes and policies to legalize and support simple, affordable, sustainable water systems. Laura holds a BA in environmental science from UC Berkeley, as well as a teaching credential, and a master's degree in education. 

Brad Lancaster is a dynamic teacher, consultant, and designer of regenerative systems that sustainably enhance local resources and our global potential. He is the author of the award-winning, best-selling book series Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond and the ‘Drops in a Bucket’ Blog. Brad has taught throughout North America as well as in the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and Australia. His hometown projects have included working with the City of Tucson and other municipalities to legalize, incentivize, and provide guidance on water-harvesting systems, demonstration sites, and policy. He has likewise collaborated with state agencies to promote practices that transform costly local “wastes” into free local resources. Brad’s aim is always to boost communities’ true health and wealth by using simple overlapping strategies to augment the region’s hydrology, ecosystems, and economies—living systems upon which we depend. Brad lives his talk on an oasis-like demonstration site he created and continually improves with his brother and neighbors in downtown Tucson, Arizona. On this eighth of an acre and surrounding public right-of-way, they harvest 100,000 gallons of rainwater a year where less than 12 inches fall from the sky. But it doesn’t end there. The potential of that water is then integrated with the simultaneous harvest of sun, wind, shade, and fertility. Brad is motivated in his work by the tens of thousands of people he has helped inspire to do likewise, go further, and continue our collective evolution.