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WEEK 1 - Changing the Dream

WEEK 2 - Feeding the World

WEEK 3 - Saving Our Vanishing Species

WEEK 4 - Ensuring Clean Water

WEEK 5 - Building an Economy That Works

WEEK 6 - Slowing Climate Change

WEEK 7 - Shifting Our Energy Reality

WEEK 8 - Transforming Corporate Control

WEEK 9 - Awakening the Dreamer

Changing the Dream
Recorded on Jun 25, 2014
With Renée Soule: Director of Virtual Learning at Sustainable World Coalition & Ruel Walker: Program Development Manager of The Pachamama Alliance & Mario Trigueros: Program Manager of Game Changer Intensive

Where Monday's conversation, "Awakening the Dreamer," was more personally oriented, today we will discuss  cultural transformation or "changing the dream." If collective transformation still depends upon each of us doing our part, what are the foundational leadership qualities of a "game changer?"  Creative environmental engagement can be a transformative path of awakening and personal development. How? Join us to discuss what is required to "change the dream" and make sustainability an ongoing way of life that is both personally and collectively beneficial.   

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Renée G. Soule, PhD candidate in Psychology at Meridian University, has been developing and teaching ecopsychology for over 25 years. She is Director of Virtual Learning at Sustainable World Coalition, adjunct faculty at the California Insitute of Integral Studies and teaches Nonviolent Communication in San Quentin Prison.

Ruel Walker is the Program Development Manager of The Pachamama Alliance. He is responsible for training programs that participants can take after the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium: the Getting Into Action Workshop, the Symposium Facilitator Training, and the Facilitator Training Leaders’ Program. Beginning in 2005, Ruel helped design and implement the training program for facilitators of the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium, based on his studies of psychology, indigenous cultures, shamanism, and spirituality. He is also a practicing attorney (specializing in handling cases before state and federal courts of appeal) and a licensed psychotherapist, with degrees in law from The University of Texas Law School and in counseling psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco.

Mario  is the Program Manager for the Game Changer Intensive of the Pachamama Alliance and accountable for its success. The Game Changer Intensive, an online education and leadership development course. As a springboard from the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium, the Intensive builds human capacity to more effectively engage in collective action. Mario brings a diverse background in social justice, youth empowerment, education and technology to his role as the Program Manager of the Game Changer Intensive. He’s worked closely with various youth development organizations throughout the Bay Area, developed curriculum and most recently, managed a technical team of client-facing technologists at a software company in San Francisco.