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The Spring of Sustainability (SoS) is an annual online summit featuring luminaries in the field of sustainability and some of the most powerful environmental organizations on the planet.

SoS 2014 began in an unprecedented way – with the largest virtual sustainability event ever: a 12-hour Earth Day Telesummit, featuring sustainability luminaries such as Bill McKibben, John Robbins, Frances Moore Lappé, Michael Brune, Majora Carter, and David Korten.

SoS features collaborations with high-profile organizations like the Sierra Club, Rainforest Action Network, Climate Reality, Endangered Species Coalition, National Wildlife Federation, Center for Food Safety, and Move To Amend. And during each of the weeks following Earth Day, SoS explores a critical issue (like climate change, endangered species and energy) through the work of these heroic partner organizations. Representing over 3 million members, these organizations have created content specifically for Spring of Sustainability.

SoS participants learn from these dynamic leaders how to take high-leverage actions to make a difference in each domain of sustainability.

In this way, SoS brings together world class visionaries, diverse trailblazing organizations, and you into a collaborative, synergistic effort to raise consciousness and catalyze positive action across the planet.

If you missed the live event, you you can still get access to recordings and transcripts for all the summit sessions. Upgrade to The Sustainability Action Kit to receive lifetime access to the cutting-edge insights, strategies and powerful practices presented by the top experts in the Spring of Sustainability.

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