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Sustainable World Coalition: Catalyzing the New Story - Part Two
Recorded on Apr 22, 2014
With Steven Motenko: Director of Operations at Sustainable World Coalition, Personal Coach, Leadership Trainer, Journalist, Musician & Renée Soule: Director of Virtual Learning at Sustainable World Coalition & Vinit Allen: Executive Director at Sustainable World Coalition, Educator, Activist, Event Producer
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Steve Motenko is the Director of Operations for the Sustainable World Coalition and a co-creator of the Spring of Sustainability Summit. He is a Harvard-educated personal coach and leadership trainer, and formerly an award-winning journalist, music teacher, and advocate for educational reform. Steve's passion for sustainability, for transformative education, and for an integral approach to the interdependence of all life led him to a leadership role in the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium facilitator community, and in 2011 to the Sustainable World Coalition. 

Renée G. Soule, PhD candidate in Psychology at Meridian University, has been developing and teaching ecopsychology for over 25 years. She is Director of Virtual Learning at Sustainable World Coalition, adjunct faculty at the California Insitute of Integral Studies and teaches Nonviolent Communication in San Quentin Prison.

Vinit Allen is founder and executive director of Sustainable World Coalition. He has an entrepreneurial and activist background that he brings to his work in sustainability education. His love and respect for nature acts as a guide, and combining the the goal of a healthy planet with a just human society comprises the Coalition’s mission of creating a positive future for all beings.