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Sacred Living Earth: Original Stories including Creative Offering from Wendy Grace
Recorded on Apr 22, 2014
With Sharon Brown: Writer, Communications Specialist, and Nahua Weather Worker & Tat Erick Gonzalez: Mayan Spiritual Teacher (KamalBey) & Larry Merculieff: President of Global Center for Indigenous Leadership and Lifeways, Consultant of Seven Generatons Consulting & Makuini Ruth Tai: Maori Spirit Guide & Wendy Grace: Artist, Founder of the Center for Awakening Presence, Activist, Shaman
Hosted by Sharon Brown

The indigenous wisdom-keepers have lived in harmony with nature for thousands of years and have much to teach us at this critical time in human history.

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Sharon Brown was formerly the publisher of Sacred Fire magazine and an executive director of the Sacred Fire Foundation, an organization that supports initiatives that honor and sustain Indigenous spiritual approaches,traditional knowledge, and the ancestral ways that foster global balance and sustainability. Her professional career spans 30 years of media and communications development, with senior positions in advertising, cable television programming and communications research and consulting.

Sharon's soul path lead her to the central highlands of Mexico, where her innate relationship with the weather spirits was formally recognized and committed through an initiation as a Nahua Weather Worker by Don Lucio Campo de Elizade of Nepopualco, MO in 2001; later she received initiation as a Fire Keeper in the way of the Sacred Fire Community. As a spokesperson for the spirits of Nature, she works to bring forward stories that demonstrate the wisdom and playful generosity of the living world.

Within the traditional indigenous circles and within the native people of the Maya, Tat Erick is called an Aj Q’ij and a KamalBey (spiritual teacher). His entire life has been walking between the worlds, the physical/mental with the spiritual/elemental. And with this lifelong experience, he has become aware of the supernatural beings that hold and co-create cosmic natural elemental forces. In the ceremonies, he has received their blessings and their manifestations, so that it becomes more than a human ceremony experience, but a true dimensional spiritual experience. This incredible journey has guided him to create sacred spiritual sanctuaries north of Mt Shasta in Northern California and Lake Atitlan, Guatemala -- places of profound beauty, learning and healing.

Tat is also the Founder and Spiritual Leader of Earth Peoples United, a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting people with the natural and spiritual worlds. With a foundation in oral tradition, Tat Erick shares with a global community via tele-class teachings and lectures at universities, schools, international gatherings and conferences. His wisdom and teachings have also been featured in various documentaries, magazines, journals and books.

Larry Merculieff has over 40 years experience serving his people, the Aleuts of the Pribilof Islands and other indigenous peoples locally, nationally, and internationally in a number of leadership capacities. He is the founder and president of the Global Center for Indigenous Leadership and Lifeways, an unincorporated entity dedicated to raising the consciousness of people for the sake of humanity and Mother Earth. Larry was the first Alaska Native commissioner of the Alaska Department of Commerce and Economic Development, a cabinet post. He was one of four Native Americans selected to present at the 1999 White House Conference on the Oceans in Monterrey, California.

Larry is the co-founder of the Indigenous Peoples’ Council for Marine Mammals, the Alaska Forum on the Environment, the International Bering Sea Forum, and the Alaska Oceans Network and established the Bering Sea Council of Elders. He has received many awards and has two books he co-authored, Aleut Wisdom: Stories from an Aleut Messenger (in French, Second Story Press) and Stop Talking: Indigenous Ways of Teaching and Learning (University of Alaska, Anchorage). He is currently working on a third book called Tunaa Awaa: The Work of the Land, a story of indigenous elder wisdom through the lens of his life.  His work with Seven Generations Consulting focuses on organizational strategic planning, conference planning and facilitation, cross-cultural orientation and project development and facilitation.

Makuini is from Aotearoa New Zealand and acknowledges a nature rich childhood that shaped her destiny. When born, she was named Hape and Makuini. When registered, her birth name was Ruth Te Pou. As Hape, she remembers much aroha (love), happiness and a carefree childhood amongst her Mother's Tuwharetoa and Ngati Awa people. Visits to her father's Ngati Raka and Tuhoe people ensured she recognized all of her ancestral inheritance. In 1970, Ruth Tai (her married name) trained as a school teacher and eventually became a lecturer at Hamilton Teacher's Training College. In 1990 she became an owner of a building construction business and a freelance educator of accelerated learning and human potential. She developed as an adult educator, strategic thinker and systems designer. In 1997 her childhood teacher Nuku (Mother Earth/Nature) was ready to help mature her early experiences of aroha, happiness and freedom. She launched Aroha Insights and Aroha Education websites offering workshops, personal coaching and guiding sacred journeys. These services helped deepen her understanding of ARO (Focus) HA (Life Force). She became an 'Ambassador For Peace' representing New Zealand at international peace events. At the end of 2011 Makuini heeded the next Aroha call to return with her partner Wayne to his homeland, to support the building of an eco-sustainable Pa Manawa (Heart Haven) at Tapapa Marae. Today, Makuini merges all her experiences as a Designer, Consultant, Educator and Practitioner of 'The Aroha Way' to spiritually and practically guide people towards freedom, by helping them design for and live their passion.

Wendy Grace is an artist and activist with an extensive background in alternative healing. She has searched out cutting-edge individuals, groups and technologies to help build a sustainable world. Wendy explores a close relationship with Nature and has been an active friend of Damanhur for many years. She is a founder of the Center for Awakening Presence, dedicated to the inquiry of how to live and grow with joy and compassion in this world of dramatic change and awakening consciousness. Her passion includes sharing through spoken word, art and music.