Linda Currie is an outreach organizer and sustainable living facilitator, based in Berkeley, California. In 2011, she co-founded Transition Berkeley, part of the US Transition network. She has been involved in educating community members on sustainable living practices, as a group facilitator since 2008. She serves on the Berkeley Climate Action Coalition steering committee, a group formed to implement Berkeley’s ambitious climate action plan. Linda has worked for and served on the board of Bay Localize, a nonprofit whose goal is to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, while increasing community resilience and livability. She is an advisor and member of Green Sangha, an organization that brings together mindful practice and environmental action. Linda lives in Berkeley, California with her husband, teenage son, college age daughter and dog. She enjoys traveling around on her bike, hanging clothes on the line, picking fresh veggies from the garden to paint in watercolors and then eat.