Joseph Robertson is Strategic Coordinator for the non-partisan non-profit Citizens Climate Lobby. He was Citizens Climate Lobby’s first group leader in the northeast, and served as volunteer coordinator for New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. He is author of the 2010 report Building a Green Economy: On the Economics of Carbon Pricing & the Transition to Clean, Renewable Fuels. Joseph is the founder and president of Geoversiv Envisioning, a social-benefit commercial endeavor that aims to discover and deploy the ingredients of a clean future of global abundance. He is editor-in-chief of the Spanish-language sustainability publication Futurismo Verde, and the catalytic commons. He is also the creator and director of the HotSpring Network for brainstorming and collaborative problem-solving, and a strategic content curator for Lucid Frontiers, which hosts the Lucid NYC event series. Since 2009, Joseph has been involved in Villanova’s vibrant sustainability community. He is the founder of the online community, creator and organizer of the series of roundtables and lectures. He is an emeritus faculty member of Villanova’s Sustainability Subcommittee on Operations & Energy Use and of the Villanova Center for Energy and Environment Education. From 2000-2007, he was lead online translator into Spanish for the Earth Policy Institute‘s Eco-Economy and Plan B updates on ecological economics. He is in the process of co-authoring a hundred-year plan for a clean economic transition.