Vicki Robin, coauthor of the NY Times and international best seller, Your Money or Your Life (5 years on the Business Week list), is a leading voice for sustainable consumption. In her latest book, Blessing the Hands that Feed Us, (Viking January 2014) she recounts her adventure in hyper-local eating - the 10-mile diet - what she ate, what she missed, what she loved, what she learned and why she is now passionate about relational eating and regenerating regional food systems. Vicki was featured as one of 61 Visionaries by Utne Magazine, named the “prophet of consumption downsizers” by the NY Times, has received awards from Sustainable Northwest and Green America, and has appeared regularly for 20 years in the media including Oprah Winfrey show, NPR and PBS specials as well as many hundreds of other media stories. She is a member of Comedy Island, an improvisational theater troupe on Whidbey Island Washington.